Totally Accurate Battlefield VI Part Two: THE FINALE Remastered OUT NOW!

Totally Accurate Battlefield VI Part Two: THE FINALE REMASTERED is OUT NOW!

Buy the Game and receive + The Original Game + Remastered Soundtrack!

If you already own the game, then you receive the Remastered Edition + EVERYTHING ELSE FOR FREE!

_____About Totally Accurate Battlefield VI Part Two: THE FINALE (Remastered)_____

Totally Accurate Battlefield is back to its roots. The deal here is, eliminate all the enemy drones and save all the hostages, thankfully you wont get caught. If you do, make 2 decisions QUICK! Save the hostages by jumping to the boat as a plan B with your mate OR defend them by grabbing a gun and shooting them Drones? The story goes with your will and control.

Experience TABVI like never before! Enhanced and Remastered, TABVI has returned to spread chaos! Well not much but its fun to play with new gameplay, visuals, graphics, and most of all..Enhanced UI. Making it more user-friendly, optimized and responsible!

The Remastered Edition of TABVI Part Two not only includes new experience to the gameplay but also brings 2 BRAND NEW GAMEMODES!


The Nightvision Mode brings the player to a night operation sneaking to the factory where the original game took place, to eliminate all the Drones and win. The true challenge though is to manage winning quietly with not being spotted!


The Horde Mode is a difficult one, well a Nightmare difficult gamemode where you have to eliminate thousands of Drones! They deal more damage and they have heavier armor! Everything is intense. The cherry on top in this gamemode is, you have limited time to eliminate them. 3 Minutes is your only time. If the timer runs out, well YOU LOST!

Totally Accurate Battlefield VI Part Two: THE FINALE IS OUT NOW! Join in and see by yourself. The battle awaits.


TABVI Remastered 15 MB
Jun 15, 2023
Totally Accurate Battlefield VI Part Two THE FINALE 820 MB
Jun 15, 2023

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