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This is an asset flip

can u make mian menu and in game pa use menu free? thank you

The project is lost so we can't do anything

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Hey, is there a way to adjust mouse sensitivity? Or to make the mouse pointer go away? I'm at 1200 DPI and the controls are wayy too twitchy. Also, the muzzleflash when you arent aiming down the sights is in the same spot as when you are looking down the sights, so it looks weird and disconnected.

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If You played the game please take some time and tell us what did you liked about it or what you didn't liked from it.


Cool game i enjoyed it but i found a way out of the base please fix this bug

How Did You Managed To Do That?


I put like a lot of grenades down and then boom. The player clipped through the ceiling and flew into the air lol. And then i somehow managed to land on the road. I was surprised the road had colliders :) That is how i went out of the base.


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Thanks For Playing!

Be Sure To Rate! Have A Nice Day!


You're welcome! Thank you for making this game.

WOW That Was One Of The Most Hyped FPS Training We Ever Made With You!

Really Addicting! But i would like to see bots instead of Targets but still, it's a great game

the best version of FPS Training! Which is available on the Ultimate Edition PERFECT! 10/10

if you liked or didn't liked the game leave a feedback please

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keep going man, you got this

thanks man, we already made the 2.0 version of fps training

hello! We See you liked the standard edition of fps training! We Made and uploaded the ULTIMATE EDIITON of the game!

wanna check it out? :